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How to tell if your breeder is actually a puppy mill

When you’re shopping around for a new pup this holiday season, make sure you get a healthy dog from a responsible seller. Puppy mills may seem cheap and convenient, but only at the expense of the the well-being of the animals they breed.

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3 things you didn’t know about pet snakes

Pet snakes have always gotten a bad rap. Whether it’s because of their their inability to cuddle, scaly skin, forked tongue or sometimes venomous fangs, there’s a lot to make non-snake-lovers uncomfortable.

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Keep your pet safe this Halloween

Halloween is a fun night filled with candy and costumes, but it can also be dangerous and overwhelming for pets. Use these tips to keep your pet safe and sound this Hallow’s Eve.

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5 best dog activities in the US

Everyone loves spending quality time with their pets. If you’re looking for something new for you and your dog, Hartz has got your back. Here’s a round up of five of the country’s best pet events.

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3 things to look for in a pet sitter

For pet owners, traveling can be stressful. As much as you want him or her to be, sometimes your dog isn’t welcome on your family vacation to the Bahamas or your best friend back home doesn’t let cats into her house, and now, you’re faced with the task of finding a pet sitter.

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