Dog Training and Behavior

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7 signs your dog isn’t feeling well

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook little changes in your dog’s behavior that are caused by health problems. Because he can’t tell you when he’s sick, it’s up to you to notice when his normal routines are off.

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What you need to know about breaking up a dog fight

Dogs fights are dangerous, though preventable. With limited ways of making their discomfort known, in severe situations, dogs become aggressive. If a fight breaks out, remember that your dog is so stimulated that he will unknowingly attack you if you give him the chance. Keep both of you safe with these tips.

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The ways your cat shows you love

Their age-old argument against cats is the apparent lack of affection they show, especially when compared to dogs. Cats can only be bothered when they need something from you – or so you may think.

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Socializing your dog: Part 2

When socializing a dog, no matter how many strategies you have up your sleeve, many dog owners forget the most important part of the training.

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Socializing your adult dog: Part 1

Your dog may be cuddly and well-behaved when he’s alone with you, but with strangers he’s just the opposite. Puppies are in their most receptive periods from about three to 12 weeks, and after this they may become less open to new experiences. However, if you did miss the chance to socialize your dog as a pup, it’s not too late now.

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Why cats and dogs are attracted to people who don’t like them

If you’re not a fan of animals, you probably look with dread out of the corner of your eye as your best friend’s cat or your boyfriend’s dog trots over to lick, jump, or rub themselves all over you. Why, you wonder, would their pets want anything to do with you when you aren’t even looking at them? Turns out, that’s what they like most about you.

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