6 ways to keep your dog healthy

Keep your furry companion safe at all times with these tips.

You know that visiting the doctor on a regular basis, eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough exercise ensures your overall wellness. When it comes to your furry friend, it's quite similar. There are, however, a few habits you may have overlooked and should reconsider paying closer attention to for his well-being. Here are six ways you can help keep your pet healthy:

1. Always provide clean water
Choosing to fill your dog's bowl with filtered water is always the better choice, as The Huffington Post reported that it contains fewer toxins that damage vital enzymes and cellular systems in your furry friend. But that's not going to keep air pollution from dissolving into your pup's bowl, so be sure to change it several times a day.

2. Keep it on a healthy diet
A healthy, well-balanced diet is vital for your dog's overall well-being. Stay away from food that's loaded with preservatives and stick to a brand that's rich in wholesome greens and colorful vegetables. And avoid feeding it table food at all costs – items like onions, grapes, raisins and chocolates are toxic for pets. Consumption could be fatal.

3. Groom it properly
In order to maintain good health, your furry friend needs to be properly groomed. Brushing your dog on a regular basis won't only make its coat look great. Martha Stewart Living reported that it increases your chance of discovering fleas, ticks or strange lumps that could be hazardous to your pup's health. For long-haired dogs, brush their hair daily. For short-haired, brush it weekly.

4. Visit the vet annually
By taking your pup to the vet for an annual examination, you can ensure it's always healthy and detect issues earlier. During the visit, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation advised to make sure your dog receives vital vaccinations that protect it against diseases like distemper, parvo, panleukopenia and rabies.

5. Make time for physical activity
Regular physical activity will keep your pup's energy levels well, improve its sleeping habits and overall health. Make it a habit to take your furry friend for a walk every day and set aside time for playing. Try tossing around the Hartz® Dura Play® Ball in a open area for a healthy and happy game of fetch.

6. Help it fight parasites
To keep your pet free of parasites, whether it be fleas, ticks or heartworm, consider letting Hartz® give you a hand. The Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea and Tick Drops, UltraGuard Plus® Flea & Tick Collar and UltraGuard Plus Rid Worm Liquid™ are reliable products that can prevent parasites from harming your pup year-round.

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