Boating safety for dogs

With the right precautions, there's no need to leave your pup at home when you're out on the water!

For people who love to boat, summer means heading to the river, lake or ocean any chance they get. It can be a fun activity for the whole family – four-legged family members included! But just like you want to protect yourself and your human loved ones when you're out on the water, you need to take special precautions to take your dog out on the boat with you, too. 

Boating safety tip for dog owners
As you would with your people passengers, make sure your pup has a comfortable, well-fitting life vest before you leave the dock, according to Discover Boating. While most dogs are excellent swimmers, you never know how yours will react if he accidentally fell in and became panicked. 

You should have a full supply of fresh, drinkable water on board for your canine as well. Salt water will just dehydrate your pooch faster, and lake water can contain bacteria that makes it sick, so discourage it from drinking from whatever you're sailing on. Make sure it stays plenty hydrated and has access to some shade to lessen risks of heat stroke and sunburn.

Always keep an eye on your dog, whether you're on the boat together or in the water. Ensure it doesn't get into anything it shouldn't and block off any areas that could be dangerous for it. 

How to make boating fun for dogs 
Pet parents often want to enjoy their favorite activities without having to leave their pooch all alone. That doesn't mean that every dog has the same idea of fun that its owner has, however. If you haven't taken your pup onboard before, Vet Street recommends making the first trip short. Check for signs of distress or sea sickness before committing to longer trips. While most dogs love water and will enjoy being on a boat, it won't be an enjoyable experience for anyone to be far out to sea with an anxious or nauseated pet on board.  

If your pup does love being on deck or splashing around with you in the water, help keep it entertained by bringing along some durable, floating toys. Floatable toys, like the Hartz® Dura Play® Ball, are perfect for playing catch with, since you don't need to worry about it sinking to the bottom of the lake. 

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