Pet Grooming

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The truth about hairballs

It’s an old stereotype; cats constantly hacking up hairballs. While they are a little unpleasant, fur balls are very normal and even healthy. But if you have a cat who is prone to coughing up hairballs, it’s important to understand why he or she does it and how to tell whether it’s a healthy habit or a sign of problems. 

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Winter is coming: Keep your pet safe in the cold

The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and before you know December – and the snow – will arrive. The winter poses just as many risks to pets as it does humans, so you’ll want to make sure your dogs and cats are protected against the harsh weather.

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Your pet and his Halloween costume

Pets in Halloween costumes can be just as cute as children in costume, but unfortunately, not all pets like clothing as much as your kid. If your pet waits around for cold weather so you can finally pull his sweater and booties out of winter storage, then chances are he’ll be up for a night in costume. If he has chewed holes through the neck of multiple sweaters in frustration, then maybe you should skip the costume.

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