Help an energetic dog burn energy indoors

It's important to keep active pups entertained indoors.

After a summer full of fun in the sun, it can be hard to adjust to life inside the home as the temperatures start to drop. This is especially true for high-energy dogs that need to stay active. Playful pups that don't have the right entertainment are likely to get into things they shouldn't as a result of their boardroom, leading to chewed sneakers, spilled trash cans and other messes. Keeping your pooch distracted and happy will have plenty of benefits for both of you!

Exercise for the body
One way to help keep active dogs out of trouble indoors is to get them moving. Mother Nature Network suggested pet owners help dogs burn energy by throwing a ball up a flight of stairs in the house. The pup can chase the ball up and bring it back down, keeping him running in a controlled environment. Try using the Hartz® Dura Play® Ball for a good toy to toss that can withstand the impact of going up and down the steps.

Jumping around can also spend energy fast. Clear out some space in a large room and tempt your pooch with toys that he has to leap for and he'll be tired out in no time. 

Exercise for the mind
Although physically exerting energy is good for hyper breeds, mental games can be great stimulation as well. As I Heart Dog explained, playing games and training your pup are great ways to keep them focused and fulfilled so they don't need to get into any trouble to find fun. 

Try teaching your dog some fun tricks or test him on basic obedience skills. Smart canines feel better when they have to think, and they'll love knowing they've learned something that will make you proud! 

While there are many games you can participate in with your dog, it's important to keep him busy while you're away, too. Treat toys like the Hartz® Ruff Rewards® are great for this purpose. Playful pets can roll around with their toy trying to figure out the secret to unlock tasty treats. By the time you come home, he'll have forgotten you ever left! 

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