How to brush your dog’s teeth

Your dog needs his teeth cleaned almost as much as you do.

Brushing a dog's teeth is something most pet owners never do, but your dog needs his teeth cleaned almost as much as you do. Dogs can get painful infections, damaged gums and life-threatening conditions in severe cases, Vetstreet pointed out. You should aim to brush your dog's teeth once a day, but if that isn't possible, try for three or four times a week. 

For best results, you need to get your dog used to the process and the feeling of each object in stages and reward her for each step, Pet Education advised. Once it's part of your routine, it'll be easier for you both.

  • Start by gently rubbing your finger against her gums.
  • Then, let her lick some dog toothpaste off your hand. Shop around for flavors to find one she likes.
  • Next, have her lick the toothpaste on the bristles.
  • Finally, brush the outside surfaces at a 45-degree angle while holding her upper lip.

Vetstreet also recommended getting her teeth professionally cleaned by a Veterinarian every six to 12 months, especially if you can't brush her teeth as often as you should. Of course, the amount of cleaning her mouth will need depends on her breed, eating habits, age and more. Talk to your Vet to figure out what's best for your dog.

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