How to stop dog urine from killing your lawn

How to stop dog urine from killing your lawn

If your dog regularly urinates on your lawn, you might have noticed brown spots increasingly popping up in your grass. There are a number of reasons this could be happening, and one of them is your dog's urine. 

Colorado State University reported that dog urine contains high concentrations of nitrogen, and when a large amount is administered to a small area of your lawn, it kills the grass. This is true for both male and female dogs, though females have a tendency to empty their bladders in one place rather than several, increasing the chances their urine will kill the grass. 

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent lawn burn without getting rid of your beloved dog. According to Texas A&M University's Agrilife Extension, levels of nitrogen in your dog's urine are the result of the amount of protein in their diet. Feeding your dog a high-quality pet food that has lower levels of protein is one way to reduce lawn spots. 

Switching to wet food or adding more water to your dog's diet is another way to cut down on nitrogen levels. You can also train your dog to urinate in areas where there is little or no grass, or take them to a nearby park to do their business instead. 

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