Is playing fetch dangerous for your dog?

Playing fetch with a stick may be dangerous for dogs.

While fetch may be a timeless classic for dog owners, veterinarians in the U.K. are raising questions as to how sticks and other items may be dangerous for pets, according to the BBC.

Playing fetch or chewing on sticks can cause splinters, which make it difficult for a dog to eat or drink comfortable. To make matters worse, dogs may swallow small pieces that can damage internal organs. The BBC reported that this can lead to costly or dangerous veterinary procedures and even surgery. 

It was found that specialist hospitals that treat the most serious pet ailments may see several dogs a month suffering from an injury caused by sticks. According to the report, the charity People's Dispensary for Sick Animals sees stick-related issues on a weekly basis across its 51 hospitals.

Discovery News reported that despite the number of animals seeking treatment, dog owners aren't too keen when it comes to keeping sticks away from their pooches. According to the Herald, a Collie named Maya who recently underwent surgery to remove parts of a stick from her throat has helped shine light on the seriousness of this issue. The four-year old dog made a full recovery, but only after a very frightening ordeal.

Sean Wensley, president of the British Veterinary Association, stated that playing fetch with sticks could have potentially deadly consequences.

"We don't want people to stop owners from playing and exercising with their dogs. We just want them to know they can protect their pets by using safe dog toys,"said Wensley.

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