New Nikon Heartography technology lets dogs take photos

Soon it may be possible to see what your dog sees.

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from a dog's point of view? Well the iconic camera-maker Nikon has developed a new technology that may allow dogs to take pictures for themselves. 

Quartz reported that Nikon has been conducting an experiment in what they call "Heartography." The idea was to create a camera device that was activated by heart rates, so that it would take pictures in response to emotional states. 

It works like this – a heart rate monitor, just like the ones that strap to wrists or ankles, sends a signal via Bluetooth to Nikon's Heartography SmartCase, according to Nikon. The SmartCase is attached to a Nikon Coolpix L31 camera and it's set to the desired heart rate. When the subject's heartbeat reaches that pace, it starts a chain reaction that pushes the shutter button to focus for a photograph and takes the picture. 

The first "Phodographer," as Nikon calls it, was a dog named Grizzler. During the experiment, every time he got excited by something he saw or smelled, a picture was taken. Quartz reported that it's unclear when or if Nikon is going to release the product to retailers, but there may be many more phodographers in the future. 

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