Part 2: Human foods your cat can consume

Here are a few foods you can share with your furry friend.

As a cat owner, you're always looking for ways to bond with your feline. What better way to do so than over a plate of food? As long as you're aware of which ones you can share, you and your furry friend can safely enjoy the dish together.

Last time, we discussed the foods that can be harmful for your furry friend to consume. In the second part of the series, we'll talk about which items you can share, and just how beneficial they can be for your cat!

Remember: While all of these foods are OK for your feline to consume, too much of anything can be unhealthy. Use good judgment when sharing these foods to ensure your pet's health and well-being.

Here are a few human foods your cat can enjoy:

1. Cooked eggs
According to Animal Planet, cooked eggs are great for your feline because they're rich in protein. The source recommended only feeding it eggs that are cooked all the way through, such as scrambled and hard-boiled, because raw eggs are extremely harmful for cats.

2. Spinach
Spinach is a great source of vitamins A, C and K, iron and calcium, making it a beneficial treat for both you and your cat, according to Pet360.

3. Fish oil
Emmy-awarding winning veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber told Pet360 that fish oil is key for keeping your feline's skin from drying out and its coat healthy throughout the year.

4. Chicken
Cooked chicken is an excellent source of protein for your cat. Just be sure to remove the skin and excess fat to avoid digestive issues.

5. Oatmeal
Eating oatmeal for breakfast? You can share the treat with your feline, as it's loaded with B vitamins and is totally safe for it to consume.

If for some reason your furry friend doesn't react well to one of these foods, don't panic. It may just be allergic.Make sure to contact your vet immediately. He may suggest hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting or a medication for temporary relief of aches and pains.

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