What to do if your pet eats something toxic

Know how to treat a pet who's in distress.

Pets seem to have a special knack for getting into things they shouldn't. While this habit can range from the harmless to destructive, there's also a risk that it can be dangerous for the animals. With so many common household products toxic to cats and dogs, it's important for pet parents to know how to react when one of their four-legged friends ingests something hazardous. 

Responding to an emergency
A cat or dog can get into something dangerous at any time, so owners need to plan ahead before an accident happens. Keep a list on the fridge of the important numbers, like the pet's primary veterinarian, local after-hours animal hospital and poison control center. 

If a pet owner knows that a dog or cat has eaten something toxic, the Banfield Pet Hospital reported the first step is to get the dangerous material away from the animal. Call one of the emergency numbers for instructions on what to do next. Some cases may be treatable at home, but many will require a visit for medical attention. There's often no time to waste in these circumstances, so as soon as a pet is caught gnawing on something poisonous like a toxic house plant or medicine bottle, steps need to be taken to fix the situation. 

How to tell if a pet's been poisoned 
Sometimes the cause of a pet's sickness isn't as obvious as catching it in the act of eating the wrong thing. While signs off toxicity include vomiting, loss of appetite and decreased energy, there are many conditions that could cause those same symptoms. 

According to Cesar's Way, if a dog is still energetic and otherwise acting normal, digestive problems can be monitored at home for 24 hours before it's a cause for concern. When combined with strange behaviors or blood it's more likely to be a sign that a pet ate something toxic and needs immediate medical attention. 

When in doubt, it's better to err on the side of caution and seek help. Don't try any home treatments without talking to a vet first. Hydrogen peroxide can help induce vomiting when necessary, so always have some on hand. Keep a bottle in a kit of emergency pet supplies like Hartz® Aspirin Care for Dogs and bandages to be ready for any medical situation.  

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